Muhammad University of Islam, New York City 
is a Homeschool Cooperative

What is a Homeschool Cooperative?
  • The word cooperative means “involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal”. 
  • Cooperatives are formed by homeschooling parents who seek to provide classes, activities, etc. for their children in group settings.
  • Cooperatives can meet once a month, several times a month, once a week, or five times a week (for a portion of the day). 
  • Cooperatives can meet in the homes of parents or have a centralized location dedicated to the function of the co-op.
  • Cooperatives involve teachers who are generally paid directly from the parents to aide in the education of their children. 
  • Cooperatives charge fees, which are collected to maintain the cost of location, utilities, supplies, etc. Donations are also accepted.
  • Cooperatives are not responsible for homeschooling regulations associated with the children who attend. It is the responsibility of the parents to adhere to the homeschooling guidelines. 
  • Cooperatives should have an objective and are often religious based.